Join conditions

Qiaoxiang Food Factory has no worries about your investment with a unique franchise system, perfect operation system and supporting logistics base.


1, people should be honest and have a sense of social responsibility.

2, recognize and follow the corporate culture, management philosophy and values ​​of Tianyu Food, and constantly strive to maintain the reputation and image of Tianyu Food.

3, willing to engage in the food industry and have a good sense of modern service.

4, have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, better management and management capabilities and investment risk awareness.

5. Willing to accept the company's supervision and training, and implement consistent with the unified operating standards and requirements.

6, with the corresponding opening and working capital.

7, treat people with enthusiasm, integrity, and a strong team spirit.

8. My health is good, my family is harmonious, and my family supports food business.

9, the franchisee must fully devote himself to the management of the store.

10. I am willing to accept a comprehensive training plan and be familiar with the operation of Tianyu Food.

11. Ability to effectively manage and stimulate, train and develop personnel.

12, have a strong desire to succeed, work hard, and contribute to the team.

13. To recognize the legal relationship between the company (franchisor) and the franchisee (the licensee), and to strictly abide by and perform the contract.


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